# Configuration

# createApolloClient options

  // URL to the HTTP API
  // Url to the Websocket API
  wsEndpoint: null,
  // Token used in localstorage
  tokenName: 'apollo-token',
  // Enable this if you use Query persisting with Apollo Engine
  persisting: false,
  // Or, advanced persisting options, see https://github.com/apollographql/apollo-link-persisted-queries#options
  // Example:
  // persisting: {
  //  generateHash: query => sha256()
  //    .update(print(query))
  //    .digest('hex'),
  // Is currently Server-Side Rendering or not
  ssr: false,
  // Only use Websocket for all requests (including queries and mutations)
  websocketsOnly: false,
  // Custom starting link.
  // If you want to replace the default HttpLink, set `defaultHttpLink` to false
  link: null,
  // Custom pre-auth links
  // Useful if you want, for example, to set a custom middleware for refreshing an access token.
  preAuthLinks: [],
  // If true, add the default HttpLink.
  // Disable it if you want to replace it with a terminating link using `link` option.
  defaultHttpLink: true,
  // Options for the default HttpLink
  httpLinkOptions: {},
  // Custom Apollo cache implementation (default is apollo-cache-inmemory)
  cache: null,
  // Options for the default cache
  inMemoryCacheOptions: {},
  // Additional Apollo client options
  apollo: {},
  // apollo-link-state options
  clientState: null,
  // Function returning Authorization header token
  getAuth: defaultGetAuth,

# Plugin options

The GraphQL API Server can be configured via the pluginOptions in vue.config.js:

module.exports = {
  // Other options...
  pluginOptions: {
    // Apollo-related options
    apollo: {
      // Enable automatic mocking
      enableMocks: true,
      // Enable Apollo Engine
      enableEngine: true,
      // Enable ESLint for `.gql` files
      lintGQL: false,

      /* Other options (with default values) */

      // Base folder for the server source files
      serverFolder: './apollo-server',
      // Cross-Origin options
      cors: '*',
      // Requests timeout (ms)
      timeout: 120000,
      // Integrated apollo engine
      integratedEngine: true,
      // For enable typescript server files
      // if you don't have @vue/cli-plugin-typescript
      typescript: true,
      // Apollo server options (will be merged with the included default options)
      serverOptions: {
        // ...

See Apollo Server options.

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