# Directives

A GraphQL directive is an annotation to either a GraphQL schema or a GraphQL document (for queries). It allows to modify the behavior of the API in a declaractive way.

The usage syntax is with the 'at' character: @myDirective.

More documentation

You can add custom GraphQL directives in the ./apollo-server/directives.js file.

export default {
  // Now you can use '@private' in the schema
  private: PrivateDirective

Here is an example directive:

const { SchemaDirectiveVisitor } = require('graphql-tools')
const { defaultFieldResolver } = require('graphql')

module.exports = class PrivateDirective extends SchemaDirectiveVisitor {
  visitFieldDefinition (field) {
    const { resolve = defaultFieldResolver } = field
    field.resolve = (root, args, context, info) => {
      if (!context.userId) throw new Error('Unauthorized')
      return resolve(root, args, context, info)

On the GraphQL server schema, use the directive like this:

type Query {
  messages: [Message] @private
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