# Server Usage

If you enabled the GraphQL API Server, start it alongside the client:

npm run apollo

You can edit the files generated in the ./apollo-server folder:

  • schema.graphql contains the Schema written with the schema definition language.
  • resolvers.js declares the Apollo resolvers.
  • context.js allows injecting a context object into all the resolvers (third argument).
  • mocks.js defines the custom resolvers used for mocking (more info).
  • directives.js defines the custom schema directives (more info)).

The server will be automatically restarted when a change is detected.

To run the server only once, use this command:

npm run run-graphql-api

Updating vue-cli-plugin-apollo will also update the GraphQL Server service 👍

Last Updated: 12/22/2018, 8:03:12 PM